57. Playing Time | What to do when you're not getting minutes

This week SGP spoke with a young Ladyballer about the playing time and it brought up ALL our thoughts and advice. We talk about what to do to get more playing time, communicating with Coach, and how to stay positive. We wish we had this advice when we were playing in high school and college!

Watt The FTP?

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is one of the most popular terms in endurance sport and used by both professional and amateur racers. Take a deep dive into the what, how and use of FTP, what it really means in the world of sports science and why it's often misunderstood as a training tool. Essential listening for anyone who loves a little heavy breathing.SUPPORT OUR PODCAST AT https://www.patreon.com/thescienceofsport  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

16: UEFA Champions League 2019/20 Quarterfinals Preview

Our European correspondent, Karan, is back on duty (safely social distanced, natch) as he and Tareque look ahead to an intriguing new format and some fascinating clashes in store in a business as unusual finale of Europe's premier football competition. Can an unheralded club pull off a Greece or Denmark of the Euros or will the big boys get their due? 

The Run Up: Atlanta vs. Red Bulls

#AskASoccerPro Show Ep.078

👉🏽😶👈🏽 Subscribe To Our Podcast 🎧 http://www.PerfectSoccerSkills.com/Radio Click for free tools, show notes and more! 👇🏽 FREE Perfect Soccer Team Membership: http://www.PerfectSoccerSkills.com/PSTM 🧠 Learn More About Your Mental Strength Coach: www.QuincyAmarikwa.com/About In the #AskASoccerPro Show 11 year MLS vet Quincy Amarikwa breaks down the MSL (Mental Strength League), an ongoing game that he believes he and everyone else is a conscious or unconscious participant. This is a philosophy and mindset he has developed, refined and implemented over the course of his life and now 11+ year professional soccer career...   And what he attributes to finding success in his personal, business and soccer endeavors… Resulting in the creation of the “Amarikwa Process.” A 7-step mindset process Quincy refers to when tackling any endeavor or meeting new, temporary obstacles. Join him live every Thursday at 6PM PST on the @Perfect_Soccer Instagram account to learn to develop your mental strength and get your questions answered:   http://PerfectSoccerSkills.com/Instagram Don’t have time for a full episode?   Catch all the best clips and highlights from the AASP By Subscribing To Our Podcast 🎧   http://www.PerfectSoccerSkills.com/Radio The largest issue players run into is knowing how to properly manage their time and get the most out of their training. Which is why we give access to our full accountability and time management document for FREE. Download it here now and get on the fast track to reaching your personal goals: http://PerfectSoccerSkills.com/PSTM See you in next week’s PS Clips! 👉🏽😶👈🏽#MSL The Perfect Soccer Merch Store is Live! Soccer Tee’s, Apparel, Balls & Training Equipment: http://www.PerfectSoccerSkills.com/Store

Canada Soccer Nation Podcast Episode 11

Canada Soccer Nation Podcast Episode 11. Host Jason deVos speaks with Saskatchewan Soccer Association Director of Soccer Rahim Mohamed, Executive Director Doug Pederson, and President Lisa Bagonluri about governance reform, academy membership, and strategic planning, plus COVID-19. 

#USMNTClassics: Stu Holden, Jonathan Bornstein on Oct. 14, 2009 vs. Costa Rica

A special bonus episode of The U.S. Soccer Podcast replays a #USMNTClassics Pre-Game Chat with Adrian Healey, Stu Holden, Jonathan Bornstein, and featuring a special surprise appearance from our host Charlie Davies. Holden and Bornstein dig into the special run through World Cup Qualifying and the Confederations Cup in 2009, all culminating with the final match of the Hex on Oct. 14, 2009 - a special night in DC to wrap up the successful year but also heavy with emotion following Charlie's serious car accident the night before.

Soccer City Episode 3 - La Liga Special

Olasupo Seyi was present on seat as we took a journey through the Spanish league and discussed major points in the Spanish game. Of course PL predictions weren't left out.
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